Louisiana News & politics focus on Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and Louisiana legislature
Louisiana News & politics focus on Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and Louisiana legislature

Louisiana News & politics focus on Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and Louisiana legislature

Tuesday, 06 July 2010 18:44

Obama Lost In Space Over NASA's New Mission

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The idiocy of the Obama administration continues to amaze us, even after eighteen months of leftist policies. After becoming President, Obama sent federal spending into the stratosphere, increasing the burden on future generations of Americans. However, one of the few agencies that he has grounded is involved in one of our most vital national missions, space exploration.

It’s hard to imagine that the oil spill continues unabated, but it does. Worse, the amount of oil released has been grossly underestimated since April.   It took over sixty days before the dreadful magnitude of this disaster was acknowledged.  We now know that the well is gushing nearly 2 million gallons per day or about 47,619 barrels of crude (42 gallons/barrel).  Many argue it may be even more.

New Orleans, Louisiana -- Mayor Mitch Landrieu and St. Tammany Parish President Kevin Davis today asserted that they will remain vigilant and that every asset available will be deployed to protect the Lake Pontchartrain basin from further oil encroachment a day after tar balls were first spotted in Lake Borgne and the Rigolets.   On Sunday, 680 pounds of oily material were removed from the Rigolets area.  Today, quarter size tar balls were removed from the Treasure Isle vicinity of St. Tammany Parish, as the St. Tammany Parish models predicted.
For most people living in New Orleans and on shores of Lake Pontchartrain, the BP oil spill was affecting the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico which is the Southern part of Louisiana.  Now, the oil spill is reaching into waterways much closer to New Orleans and the bedroom towns that circle Lake Pontchartrain.
BP today provided an update on developments in the response to the MC252 oil well incident in the Gulf of Mexico.   The following is information on the BP web site:
Subsea Source Control and Containment
Two containment systems continue to collect oil and gas flowing from the Deepwater Horizon’s failed blow-out preventer (BOP) and transport them to vessels on the surface.
Jefferson Parish Councilman-At-Large Tom Capella, rumored to be a candidate for Parish President, has decided that he will forgo the Parish Presidency and instead run for Jefferson Parish Assessor. Capella seeks to replace longtime Assessor Lawrence Chehardy who announced his resignation effective January 1st, 2011.
With just days remaining until qualifying opens for the fall elections, rumors abound about possible surprise candidates, both in the party primaries and general elections, that could throw the carefully planned schemes of the front-runners aft astray--as was well demonstrated on Monday morning when Councilman At-Large Thomas Capella decided to abandon the Parish President's race and run for Assessor.
NEW ORLEANS – Today, July 3, 2010, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District commander Col. Al Lee denied a Jefferson Parish request to build rock dikes in the Barataria Basin.  The dikes were for BP oil spill and hurricane protection. 

In a letter to Jefferson Parish, Col. Lee offered (in part) the following explanation: “My effort to
facilitate a decision that best serves the public interest required careful review of the supporting
documentation you furnished and affording state and federal resource agencies and the scientific
community an opportunity to provide meaningful input on the proposed action.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is projecting that  there is a  61 to 80 percent chance that tar balls  from the Gulf of Mexico oil spills will hit Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Is BP allowing its employees and contractors to be  more accessible to the media?  For weeks one of the biggest complaints within the media and others was the lack of media availability to those who on on the ground or in the waters helping with  the Oil Spill  efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.  In fact, officials from the Coast  Guard have told  media in Louisiana that the  BP contractors had signed  a confidentiality agreement preventing the contractors from talking with the media.

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